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Learning and Teaching schedule of an itinerant monk:

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2021 Selected Events:
(Subjected to Principle of Uncertainty)
7: Keynote for YPO Chennai, india
17: Talk to theology doctoral students | Lipscomb University
17: Lucid Dreaming conversation
20: Cultivating Emotional Resilience | Leadership talk (South Asia)
23: Interview with Starvos Foundation, Greece
23: Meditations conversation: Venerable Walpola Piyananda Thera
25:Meditations conversation: Sharon Salzberg
26: Moving Beyond Self-Conversations with Suneeta Reddy | Apollo Hospital Group, India
2: Meditations conversation: Robert Thurman
10: Conversation on Resilience | MIT
8: Meditations conversation: Bhikkhu Bodhi
21: Meditations conversation: Pir Zia Inayat Khan
28: (re) Imagine Series: Forgiveness in Law | Conversation with Professor Martha Minow
6: (re) Imagine Series: Empathy and Trust | Conversation with Professor Sherry Turkle
16: Conversation at IDEO
30: Conversation at INTEL
15: ICG Development Dialog | International Centre, Goa

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